Foundations and First Month:

$140.00 Unlimited Classes + 3 one hour Foundations sessions.

Your first month at the gym is $140.  This includes your three foundation skills classes and the remaining portion of the first month. Please call us to schedule your Foundations at a time that works for you.

Your long-term success is our primary focus, and you will receive the individualized attention you deserve. That is the basis for our community, and one of the differences you will find at CrossFit Sandy.

Membership Options:

Unlimited Classes Monthly: $140.00

Unlimited Classes Monthly: Active Military/Police/Fire/Student: $115 (Must show proof of service or active school enrollment)

Unlimited Additional Family Member Rate: $85 for each additional family member in the same household

Drop in:

  • First visit – Free
  • Additional visits – $20 a class

If CrossFit is new to you please drop-in to our Saturday morning classes at 8 am or the 6:30pm classes on Tue. or Thu. These classes are beginner friendly and do not incorporate the more advanced movements.

Personal Training:

One hour training sessions with Bethanie, our head-coach and co-owner at CrossFit Sandy, are $70 per hour.  Active CrossFit Sandy members can receive one-on-one training for a reduced rate – speak to Bethanie for details.

What to bring to your foundations class:

Each person should bring a water bottle and wear workout clothes.  When you join we will give you a notebook which is used for keeping track of your WOD (work out of the day) times and weights to better track your progress.

Is CrossFit for you?

We focus on bringing the best all-around fitness program for elite athletes to everyone. If you are looking for a well-rounded, fun, and challenging fitness program to support your active lifestyle then CrossFit is the answer.

We offer group instruction as well as one on one training.  The training consists of constantly varied functional movements performed with high intensity.  Each day will be a new workout focusing on movements found in daily life.  Optimal fitness results depends on the level of intensity that you bring to each workout.  The more intense you workout the more fit you are going to be. It is simple and we will help you bring that intensity.  Each workout is scaleable to each persons physical ability.

When we talk about fitness we mean being able to perform any or all physical tasks.  Life outside of the gym is not predictable, so your workouts shouldn’t be either. CrossFit intentionally blurs the line between cardio and lifting to achieve optimal fitness results.

You will be the fittest you have ever been in your life by coming to CrossFit Sandy.

10 Attributes to Success:

  1. Show up
  2. Give 100%, 100% of the time
  3. Eat Right
  4. Be Responsible
  5. Be Accountable
  6. Always show respect
  7. Communicate
  8. Be Coachable
  9. Stay focused on the goal
  10. Never quit

Getting Started

The Beginner:

Every person who wants to join CrossFit Sandy must complete a Foundation course.  To be successful in CrossFit each person must know the basic movements and feel comfortable with them before moving on to the group WODs. Our Foundations program will provide you with a starting point for skills development necessary for success with CrossFit.

The Foundation is a series of classes that will allow each person to feel confident in the CrossFit movements as well as a basic fitness foundation to build on.  These classes include introduction to CrossFit methodology, nutrition consultation, warm up, extensive instruction on the movements that will be in the Daily Workouts, a workout to finish off, and finally a cool down.  The classes must be paid for before attending the first session.

Not only does the Foundation Bootcamp give you the foundation necessary to be successful in the gym, but the workouts increase in intensity with each visit, so that you are prepared and educated when you graduate and join the group classes.

To schedule your Foundations course give us a call at 801-285-9937 or email us at

Previous CrossFitter:

This option applies to the person who has been doing CrossFit already and is competent in the Olympic Lifts as well as the CrossFit movements.  Previous CrossFitters are not required to complete a foundations course dependent upon your proficiency during the workouts.

All payments are due the 1st day of the month. All billing is done on an auto-debit system.  All members are required to set up an auto-debit account.  Any account not paid by the 5th of the month will be charged a $25.00 late fee.  Any account unpaid by the end of the month will be suspended and charged a $25.00 reinstatement fee as well as any outstanding charges.  Any cancellations of memberships must be received 15 days or more prior to the end of the month.  No refunds are offered once charged.   


CrossFit Sandy strives to provide a positive and encouraging environment for our clients. Anyone that is disruptive or negatively influences this environment is subject to having their membership revoked. This is at the sole discretion of CrossFit Sandy Management.  No refund will be offered or given for any unused portion of the month.