Joining a Crossfit Gym can fall in the same category as public speaking or swimming with great whites.  Basically, it can be a very fearful experience.  The difference with CrossFit Sandy is that the staff, lead by Andrew, takes the fear out of the entire experience.  They make you feel welcome, teach you everything you need to learn during your foundations classes and quickly create a community of friends around your goals.  Succeeding in fitness is based on a great workout, proper nutritional education and a support group.  Welcome to Crossfit Sandy, your recipe for success...and a good ass kicking! 
Dr. Dave Braun, Co-founder Oola Moola 

CrossFit Sandy has given me a stronger healthier body! I completely trust my trainers to push me and motivate me to do my best each and every time I walk through the door.–Angie Erickson

CrossFit Sandy has changed my entire life! I came into the gym (the old gym) in February 2010 at almost 200 pounds, miserable, unhealthy, 32% body fat and ready for a change but seriously doubting I could do CrossFit. Then the amazing thing happened. Someone (my trainers!) pushed me and kept me going and kept telling me I could! And not to discount all the wonderful friends and family I've met there who push me through every single workout, but as a whole, they have ALL changed me physically and mentally and I can't see my life without CrossFit.–Kelly Vigh