Athlete Spotlight – November 2016

Nine months after he started CrossFit Sandy, our November spotlight focuses on one of our 5:30 am morning workout warriors – Jason Phillips! We’re fortunate to have Jason as a part of CrossFit Sandy – not only is he an integral part of the fun that is 5:30 am, but his accomplishments exemplify hard work and dedication. Read on folks!

Nickname? Nothing really cool or fancy.. Just Jay!

Age?  39 for a few more days at least. (Be sure to wish him a happy 40th in December!)

When did you start CrossFit and where? February 16th, 2016 at CrossFit Sandy

What is your CrossFit “Superpower!”? I would have to say strict press. I seem to do ok at that. I really feel like I am far from a CrossFit Superhero.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement? Snatches. It is something that really frustrates me at first, then it starts to come together, and I get that sense of accomplishment.

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement? DOUBLE UNDERS!!!! I just can not get this to click yet. Hopefully with some more jump rope time I will be able to overpower my arch nemesis. (We’re sure lots of people can relate – it’s also funny how DUs become someone’s favorite once it does click!)

Are there high points in your training or big accomplishments you would like to share?  I am really not one to be the center of attention, but  when I first started CrossFit I was really overweight and out of shape. This is embarrassing, but I weighed 293 pounds. (That was in the beginning of march.)  I am currently down to 220. I feel fantastic and feel myself getting stronger every month. Thank you to my 5:30am crew for cheering me on and the wife and kids for keeping me motivated. (For the mathematically challenged that is 73 lbs – Jason comes consistently and is doing a great job at keeping his eye on the goal. We’re really impressed by his determination!)



Are there other members who have had a significant impact on your time at CrossFit Sandy that you would like to share? What did they do for you? Well as far as members, I can not think of only one person. The regular athletes that show up to the 5:30am class all have been an inspiration in one way or another. They are funny, supportive, competitive, and great friends. Also the coaches that I have had the chance to work with are all fantastic. I don’t believe I could have picked a better place to start CrossFit.

What is your favorite Hero WOD? Girl WOD? Other Benchmark or custom WOD that Bethanie programmed? Honestly, my favorite workout (and I know this one is not high on most people’s lists) is the monthly baseline. From starting off scaling everything to getting closer to completing it RX, I love to see how much I have progressed from month to month. Even with the progression I have made,it is just as challenging as my first time. It is what I love about CrossFit – you’re always trying to better yourself.

Did you enjoy the extra-curricular activities at the gym? I haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy many of the other activities yet. I did get a chance to drop in and watch the Goblin Gauntlet. It was amazing seeing those athletes compete.

Do you have any pieces of wisdom for new members? Stick with it. I know it’s hard, you’re sore in places you have never felt pain in. You feel intimidated, you think people in the gym will judge you. They’re not! Everyone is focused on their own goals, all while cheering you on when you achieve yours.


Do you have a favorite inspirational quote? Nothing worth having comes easy.

What sports or activities do you participate in outside the box? Camping, hunting, fishing, riding atv’s, gardening. I just like to be outside.


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