Athlete Spotlight – October 2016

October’s spotlight focuses on a long-time member whom many of you know or recognize from the top of the leaderboard – Cason Adams!

Nickname – Case

Age – 32

When did you start CrossFit and where?

I started CrossFit over 5 years ago at Ute Crossfit in Sugarhouse.  I was only there a few months before moving to Midvale and coming to CrossFit Sandy.

When did you start at CrossFit Sandy? ~4 ½ years ago – the box sure has changed a lot since then!


Why do I love CrossFit?  I had always worked out the regular way at the gym and enjoyed it enough, but I started to gain weight as I got older.  I was really strong but had no endurance at all.  I was a little intimidated to start Crossfit because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to push myself that hard yet.  But once I started, I loved it.  I love the structure, the competition, and the fact that it has increased my overall health.

What is your CrossFit “Superpower!”?

I would say most everything overhead aside from the Strict Press (see below).  My favorite lifts are probably the Split Jerk and the Overhead Squat.  I still remember Moody doing Overhead Squats at 255# when I first started at CrossFit Sandy and thinking that I would never be able to get close to that weight.  I was wrong.  🙂


What is your least favorite CrossFit movement? Why?  

Strict Press or Rope Climbs.  I’ve injured myself more than any other lift while doing the Strict Press – plus, I’m not very good at it.  The second is the Rope Climb, just because it rips up my hands, shins, and gives me bruises on the insides of my legs.

Are there high points in your training or big accomplishments you would like to share?  Just the PRs that I’ve been able to achieve in the last few years and the endurance that I’ve been able to acquire.

Are there other members who have had a significant impact on your time at CrossFit Sandy that you would like to share? What did they do for you?

Not specific, really – more just as a whole.  Whether it’s somebody pushing me on the heavy workouts, or somebody else pushing me on the body weight movements, or somebody giving it everything they’ve got to get that very first pull-up or muscle-up – I think that’s what Crossfit is all about.10828116_10202504249607263_6270376107606113754_o

What is your favorite Hero WOD? Girl WOD? Other Benchmark or custom WOD that Bethanie programmed?

I would say Grace is one of my favorite workouts, even though it really hurts when I’m done.  It plays to my strengths and I do well with it.  However, I also like the really long WODs like Murph, even though I don’t do as well with those.

Do you have any pieces of wisdom for new members?

Yeah.  Probably the biggest thing is to be patient.  I thought I was pretty athletic when I first started Crossfit, but there were still a ton of movements that I had to work on to get right – and I still have movements that I really struggle on.  Whether you’re trying for your first full squat, pull-up, muscle-up, whatever – you’ll get there and keep making progress as long as you stick with it.  The second thing for newcomers would be to take it easy at first.  When you first start, only come 2-3 times a week max and let your body recover.  You will be able to handle more days a week soon.


What sports or activities do you participate in outside the box?

With school, work, and a family it’s hard to find much time for sports and activities.  Once school is over, I hope to start playing softball again, go on hikes, go snowboarding, and try to find some new activities.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

Not really off the top of my head.  Maybe…… “Go big or go home.”  Haha.

What sports, events (races, competitions, etc…), or activities have had an influence on you throughout your life?  Why?

As a kid, I played any sport I could.  In high school I stuck with football, baseball, and weight training.  Those activities helped me discover how to push myself and be competitive while still having a lot of fun.  I also enjoy gymnastic movements and was always jumping on the trampoline or off diving boards as a kid, and I still enjoy doing tricks and stunts.



Yes, but none that I will claim.  Ha, sorry Mandy – I love you!  Mandy has two dachshunds (weiner dogs) and a cat.

Speaking of family… Mandy is often in the evening classes when she isn’t traveling for work, and Azure is often playing in the living area of the gym while mom and dad finish their workouts. The rest of Cason’s extended family lives in Southern Utah and most of Mandy’s family lives in Tooele.


Other random items of interest?

Umm……I used to be (maybe still am) a little bit of an adrenaline junkie.  I’ve ridden a bull, swam with sharks (whale sharks), gone skydiving a couple times, bungee jumping, stuff like that.  I think that’s why I love to travel so much – just to try new things and gain new experiences.  Whether it’s new foods, cultures, activities, scenery, animals, etc. – I love new.





We’re very fortunate to have Cason, Mandy, and Azure as part of our gym family!


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