Athlete Spotlight – September 2016



Our athlete spotlight for September is Kyle Whitaker – you may have seen him sprinting past you at one of the evening workouts if you come to the 6 or 7 pm class. Kyle recently broke himself doing some extracurricular activity, but he’s been toughing it out and modifying workouts to go along with his temporary one-handedness. No excuses!


Putting those lerp legs to use!


Nickname? Boogers, I have all sisters.

Age?  37

When did you start CrossFit and where?  

At CrossFit Sandy – Val invited me to WOD one morning & it was the best! Hillarie killed me at everything. Fast forward 10 months & nothings changed. It’s still so much fun & I can’t touch Hill’s times.  

When did you start at CrossFit Sandy?

Nov. 14, 2015

Why do I love CrossFit?  

The members of our gym are so nice & fun. Nothing better than working out & suffering together.

What is your CrossFit “Superpower!”?  

Overhead squats, anything with a barbell.  I’m not good but I do like pull ups

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement? Why?  

Pistols, as Mom tells me “Boog you didn’t get those lerp legs from me, you should sue for lack of support.” Haha Moms 


Rope climb at the 2016 Mountain Meltdown

Are there other peopler who have had a significant impact on your time at CrossFit Sandy that you would like to share?

Everyone is so cool here. Tony is so nice & quiet, I always try to keep up but can’t. Denise brings good energy every time.

What is your favorite Benchmark WOD?

Karen was such a suffer session, loved it.

Do you have any pieces of wisdom for new members?  

Enjoy and endure, push yourself but also do what feels comfortable for you. More importantly, don’t compare yourself to others.

What sports or activities do you participate in outside the box?

Chick-fil-A foreva


What are you guys doing to yourselves!?

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

My Grandmother is always telling me “Every peacock one day becomes a feather duster”



Rocket my Great Dane. Lately he’s been into what he calls “the poke” He’s not a perv, just a nerd, always playing that Pokemon game.

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about yourself Kyle! Keep up the hard work and most importantly keep having fun!


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