Athlete Spotlight – July 2016

Our July spotlight is focused on someone you may not have seen for awhile unless you made it out to the event at Pineview. Chelsey Henry broke her leg mountain biking so we’ve missed seeing her around the box. The good news is she’s recovering quickly.

Nickname? Cookie the Friday Wife

Age? 37

When did you start CrossFit and where? 2011, Predation Crossfit in Spokane

When did you start at CrossFit Sandy? Jan. 26, 2015

Why do I love CrossFit?

There’s no cap on progress or where you can go, and there’s always awesome people to push

you. CrossFit has helped me to realize that I’m capable of more than I ever thought I was, and I

love feeling strong and able. And the endorphins are kinda nice.

What is your CrossFit “Superpower!”?

Being awesome! No… I love burpees, and lunges. And lamp, I love lamp. We might need an explanation on this one… Burpees? Really?


What is your least favorite CrossFit movement? Why?

Probably rowing… it’s the only exercise that I dread. Really that’s just me being whiny­ suck it

up princess!


Are there high points in your training or big accomplishments you would like to share?

Every day is a high point if I let myself see it… whether I’m PRing or just getting a reminder that

I have to check my ego at the door. Finally being able to check Bar Muscle Ups off my list and

getting my DL over 250# were two accomplishments this year that were pretty rad.

Are there other members (or coaches if you can’t think of a member) who have had a significant

impact on your time at CrossFit Sandy that you would like to share? What did they do for you?

Everyone at the gym has had an impact. Crossfit Sandy has to be one of the friendliest gyms

I’ve been to, with lots of support coming from everyone. The coaching is awesome, with a good

mix of coaches. Bethanie does an amazing job at not just programming good WODs, but

working to provide a full program of strength, flexibility, and nutrition, and lots of extras too. I can

definitely say that some of my PRs this year were a direct result from Bethanie’s help with



What is your favorite Hero WOD? Girl WOD? Other Benchmark or custom WOD that Bethanie


Murph is my all time favorite. A grinder that just doesn’t let up. And I really liked 16.1, but I don’t

recommend doing it twice in one weekend!

Do you have any pieces of wisdom for new members?

We’ve all been there, don’t be intimidated. Some people may make it look easy, but they’re

suffering through it too. Don’t let the pain overwhelm you, take each movement one at a time

and don’t choke on the thought of the WOD in front of you. And most important, check your ego

at the door and listen to your coach and body!

What sports or activities do you participate in outside the box?

Biking is what makes me giggle. I’ll try pretty much anything outdoors so you can find me on a

snowboard, snow shoes, rock climbing, SUPing, rafting, hiking, or just climbing trees for the

sheer joy of it. You get the gist.

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

Naw, too many to choose from. There’s a lot of smart inspirational people out there!

What sports, events (races, competitions, etc…), or activities have had an influence on you

throughout your life? Why?

Downhill mountain biking and racing. Mountain biking is the funnest thing I’ve ever done, and

you can hear me laughing like a maniac coming down the mountain when I’m really having fun.

It’s also been one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done, I’ve had to learn to overcome fears

and become mentally tough. That’s taken a long time. And I’ve had some big setbacks, crashes

over the years that have left me with broken bones or other damage that teaches you just how

tough you really are. But more than that, mountain biking has brought me some of the most

important people in my life and taken me to some of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. I

met my husband, and most of my closest friends, either racing or on trail. I’ve been really lucky

too in that I’ve had the opportunity to ride with some of the top riders in the world on some of the

most amazing trails in the world. I’ve also had the opportunity to give to others through coaching

and trail advocacy. Mountain biking really is pure joy.


Fur­family! Always too many, there’s always another rescue that needs a home. Right now we

have Dessa, the D­Bear­ my constant companion and nurse dog. Petra, P­Diddy the Peanut,

the sweetheart and clown. Leo the clown, thinks he’s a pup when he’s an old man. And

Daemon, the teddy bear cat who just wants to crawl on your laptop or purr in your ear… and



Family is a flexible word, to me it’s the people that love and support you no matter where you

are or how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other. I’m lucky to have a crazy wonderful mix

of related, in-­law, and friends that inspire me and make me smile every day.


Things that other people might not know…

By day I’m an engineer working in manufacturing for The Boeing Company. I’m proud of what I

do, and want to give others the same chance that I had to be able to attain their goals. I like to

do outreach with kids in science and technology, especially to promote more women in science

& engineering. Growing up I was lucky enough to have the right people in my life at the right

times, if I can do that for even one kid than I’m stoked!



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