Head Up the Hill, Not Over It

The purpose of this post is two-fold. First, most of our members are probably aware that Bethanie Werner and Jenn Jansen are two inspirational Masters athletes, excellent coaches, and genuinely awesome people. What you may not know, is that both of them are making a run at qualifying for the CrossFit Games Masters Qualifier in 2016. This means that they need to place in the top 200 worldwide during the 2016 CrossFit Open. To put this in context there are now 17 Regions worldwide. That means that the Masters Competitors are, on average, the top 11 or 12 from their Region. They both have excellent chances with 3 weeks remaining. The variety of workouts that we will see in the 2016 Open will benefit the competitors who are well-rounded. You don’t have to finish in the top 200 in every workout, but you do need to be consistent. Well-rounded individuals represent one of the main goals for our custom programming at CrossFit Sandy.




Second, if you are still wondering how this affects you, it brings up an interesting discussion point around long-term fitness and quality of life. Jenn and Bethanie didn’t get to where they are today magically – it came from a lot of hard yet rewarding work. If I remember correctly it took Bethanie 9 months to do her first pull-up when she started CrossFit in 2009 at the original CrossFit Sandy location. She’s come a long way since that first day she walked into the box. We are not interested in a fitness quick fix – we are interested in keeping you fit and healthy for the duration. Consistently performing quality workouts and recovering effectively, while listening to your body and your coaches, is a great start to charging up that hill rather than going over it. The work you do today adds up to a better you tomorrow. Staying healthy will change your outlook, both physically and mentally, and in turn contributes to the happiness of those around you! Keep your goals sustainable, achieve them, and adjust them when needed.




Good luck to Bethanie and Jenn and the rest of the CrossFit Sandy athletes during the 2016 Open season and beyond.
You can check out their progress over the remaining 3 weeks on our website.





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