Autumn Classic Competition – October 11th

We have a few athletes that are planning to participate in the competition at CrossFit Timpanogos on Oct. 11th. Whether you want to compete or cheer we’d love to have you join us. Here are the details (note that it is broken down by weight classes and entries are limited to 10 athletes per division):


Are you a ninja and you have wtf moments when you’re lifting big weights next to some beast? (I’m sure over half our community could relate to this) If you are a ninja or a beast, the Autumn Weight Classic is structured to help you compete against those your own size for just one weekend.

This will be the first weight class competition to be held at your local box. There will be 4 weight classes for the gentlemen and 4 weight classes for the ladies. With that being said, “pick on someone your own size!!!!!”

Each weight group will be capped at 10 athletes. Competition will be stiff and very competitive. Be ready to have a great time with our awesome community.

Movements and weights will be the same across the board. There will be no novice, intermediate, or elite divisions. Every person for themselves.

– MENS (174.9 and under)

– MENS (175 – 194.9)

– MENS (195 – 214.9)

– MENS (215 +)

– WOMENS (124.9 and under)

– WOMENS (125 – 134.9)

– WOMENS (135 – 144.9)

– WOMENS (145 +)



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