Paleo Initiative

Recently a number of people have asked me about the role of diet in their CrossFit training.  Some are frustrated because they haven’t seen the physical changes they desire, despite working out regularly, improving skills and lifting more weight.  Others have seen their athletic performance plateau, in spite of consistent hard work.  In both cases, nutrition may be the underlying issue and it’s time to consider our eating habits.

I can already hear your collective groans…  I know that most people don’t consider diet a very enjoyable topic.  However, “most” people don’t think that working out is very much fun either.  As avid CrossFitters, you have found a way to turn incredibly hard physical activity into an enjoyable hobby and/or all consuming passion.  Therefore, I’m proposing that we apply the things that we love about CrossFit to a Paleo Initiative. The coaches will provide structure, education and motivation, but your fellow athletes will also play a crucial role.  There are times when we don’t perform up to our own expectations on a WOD or we blow a PR attempt, but the entire CrossFit Sandy community is there to support us when we pick ourselves up and try again.  Let’s bring that kind of energy and mutual support to a Paleo Initiative.

Adopting a Paleo template for eating can be difficult, therefore CrossFit Sandy’s Paleo Initiative allows you to ease your way into it with a three-phased approach.

Phase One:         Perform Dietary Housekeeping in July

  1. Adopt one positive nutritional habit during the month.
  2. Eliminate two problem foods or food habits during the month.

Phase Two:         Follow a Paleo-Template in August

While strict Paleo is not required, it’s time to begin adopting the principals of Paleo.  The principals are fairly simple-

  1. Eat Real Food:  Eat produce and meat/wild fish.  Avoid processed, refined and packaged foods.
  2. Don’t Eat Toxins:  Avoid industrial seed oils, commercially prepared cereal grains, legumes and excess sugar- especially fructose.

Phase Three:     Participate in the LuRong Paleo Challenge beginning in September.

In 2012 LuRong sponsored a Paleo Challenge which included online tracking tools, benchmark WOD’s to measure Paleo’s impact on performance, and prizes.  The Challenge will be even better in 2013 and CrossFit Sandy will enter a team in this year’s Challenge.

In follow-up posts we’ll provide information and resources related to Paleo, as well as the three phases of CrossFit Sandy’s Paleo Initiative.  But for now, I’m simply asking-  Who’s in?  Who is ready to feel, perform and look better?  Who is ready to support your fellow athletes?


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