Congratulations Bethanie! You just won more workouts!

What do you get when you put in years of hard work and dedication to your sport? A really great shot at achieving your goals in the 2017 CrossFit Open.

Bethanie finished #1 in Utah, #7 in the Southwest Region, and #178th in the World (out of 16,500+ athletes in her division) – that means she is moving on to the Masters Qualifier after a brief recovery period – that’s just one step away from the 2017 CrossFit Games!

As many of you know, she came very close to qualifying in 2016, but due to a rough time in the 16.4 WOD, she just missed qualifying. She diligently worked her weakness, and when 16.4 re-appeared as 17.4 she destroyed it. However, competition gets notably stronger every year as more and more talented athletes take a shot at the Open, and it was still going to be a very close finish in 2017.

Fortunately, Dave Castro (who isn’t known for doing anyone any favors) programmed something right up her alley for 17.5 and she took full advantage of the opportunity…

17.5 consisted of 10 Rounds of 9 thrusters & 35 double unders per round. With her time of 9:40, 2nd fastest in the Southwest Region, she finished 56th worldwide on 17.5 to put her solidly in the top 200.

That’s 58 seconds per round x10!

<Insert shameless plug for her Momentum Gear carbon fiber handles and bare cable rope for lightning-fast double unders – get fitted for yours at the front desk!>



Perhaps those handstand walks she’s been practicing so much just might make an appearance in the virtual qualifier? This is where the workouts really get fun – ring muscle-ups, 1 rep-max lifts, triple-unders maybe?? Oh, the places you’ll go!

On top of the winning performance, she coordinated a great Intramural for CrossFit Sandy – our first during the Open season. We’ll definitely be doing that again. Lots of thanks to our team captains Kaitlyn, Sam, and Cameron – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Before we get too far away from the Open, there was another very notable finish. Jenn finished 4th in Utah while achieving her goal of making the top 5! We’re incredibly lucky to have such talented coaches at CrossFit Sandy.

We hope everyone enjoyed themselves during the Intramurals and CrossFit Open, and we are looking forward to many more fun activities throughout the year!

Don’t miss the 17.6 party on Friday night at the box!

Some other scheduled events include the CrossFit Park City Mountain Meltdown and CrossFit Sandy Summer party at the lake. Hope to see you all there!

This post wouldn’t be complete without a big thanks to Nick Fowler, Bethanie’s coach for the past 2 seasons. She has not only excelled as an athlete, but she has learned a lot from him over the past 2 years. Thanks a lot for everything you have done for her Nick!


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